2020 in Review: Top Digital Stickers for Dating Apps

2020 in Review: Top Digital Stickers for Dating Apps

2020 was a positive year for Stipop. Sticker artist numbers nearly doubled when compared to the previous year, and user engagement has increased exponentially. Altogether this has resulted in a fruitful year for digital stickers – radiating both diversity and creativity in the current Stipop app library.

For apps, having tools to engage users is an essential subject for further monetization. Incorporating unique messaging stickers represents a way to generate higher in-app retention rates and a better user experience.

Dating apps are an excellent example of this. They have the purpose of connecting people through messages and video communication. However, due to the over-saturated market, uninstall rates are high. In this sense, to remain competitive, in-app offerings need to be enticing. Therefore, stickers are the answer.

2020 has produced a wide variety of sticker content excellent for improving user engagement in dating apps. From cute to funny, Stipop stickers offer without a doubt an extensive selection of dating stickers perfect for boosting user engagement in dating apps.

Stipop in Review: 2020 Trends & Data Highlights

1. User & Artist Growth

In terms of end-users, in 2020, Stipop stickers reached more than 2.5M people. When it comes to sticker creators, the numbers got doubled with more than 2,500 newly registered artists. The increase in the number of creators resulted in the natural rise of sticker content, and in 2020 nearly 3,000 more sticker packs were uploaded to the Stipop platform.

2. Best Performing Sticker Content

Similar to the previous year, the sticker packs that receive the most downloads are animal-related stickers. From cats to ferrets, users love to use stickers of their favorite animals. Stipop offers a wide variety of animal-related content to choose from, so naturally, these types of stickers are trendy.

Cute designs are also a user favorite, and in 2020, several cute sticker packs performed outstandingly.

Witty content is another thing that users appreciated throughout 2020. As a result, sticker packs with clever puns and funny animations received numerous downloads throughout the year.

Finally, 3D sticker content was also well received by users. 3D characters like Pucca reached top charts.

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3. Top-Searched Keywords

Users like to express how they feel. During the year 2020, most users searched for stickers with keywords such as “laugh,” “clap,” “smile,” and “hungry” to showcase their emotions while messaging. However, that’s not only it.

The keyword “work” was also prevalent in 2020’s top sticker searches. Due to the rise of lockdowns and remote work, online interactions between co-workers increased. Consequently, the demand for work-related stickers saw a rise in both search results and use.

Moreover, greeting words such as “hi” and “hello” also occupied top searching results, denoting the importance and common use of stickers’ when starting a conversation.

Finally, words such as “love” and “heart” were also some of the most searched keywords by users, highlighting the significance of stickers when communicating with loved ones.

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Best Digital Stickers for Dating Apps

The best digital content for dating apps is dependent on two factors:

  1. Current trends
  2. App focus

Current trends

Current trends indicate the general patterns of sticker usage. More specifically, what sticker content users most search and gravitate towards.

Having digital stickers that relate to popular keyword searches is a must for in-app engagement. From conversation starters to funny reactions, users want to use stickers suitable for daily conversations. Consequently, when integrating digital stickers in dating apps, it is crucial to offer sticker content that connects with basic keyword searches.

The same thing applies to the type of sticker content that users are using the most. If cute or animal-related designs are being well received online, incorporating such type of content in-app is a must to generate further user engagement.

Furthermore, following up with the current events is also essential. Users like to use stickers linked to their ongoing environment. For instance, due to the rise of the pandemic, several sticker packs about the Covid-19 virus emerged throughout the web. Although it is a temporary situation, adding digital sticker content like this can engage users more efficiently.

App focus

App focus indicates the core subject surrounding a mobile app. According to app focus, sticker content varies.

In general, dating apps focus on connecting people looking for love. That means having stickers related to the topic of love and relationships is of value for a better user experience. Nevertheless, many dating apps also allow users to connect with others for friendship purposes. As a result, incorporating friendship-related sticker content can also be a plus in these types of cases.

For dating apps that cater to more specific groups of users (e.g., the LGBTQ+ communities, sports, religion, etc.), having stickers that speak to them is vital to retain more in-app users and have a competitive edge.

Lastly, sticker packs that celebrate holidays or events are also great for better engagement. From Valentine’s day to Easter, event-surrounding digital content can be of more value for further app interactions.

Stipop Solutions for the Dating App Industry

Creating digital stickers is not an easy task. The original idea, creation, and development are time-consuming. Partnering with Stipop allows dating apps to enjoy the benefits of digital sticker content without the stress that comes with it. How?

By integrating Stipop API or Stipop SDK,  dating apps can take advantage of more than 270,000 engaging messaging stickers. This variety of content integrates all dating-related sticker content as well as trending new designs popular within users.

Furthermore, as Stipop stickers reach more than 25M end-users every month, dating apps will be able to offer the most popular and relatable sticker content to users.

To start using Stipop API/SDK today, visit the Stipop dashboard. For further content insights, please visit Stipop Blog.